It was a simple beginning. One twenty-something secretary leaning over to another and asking, “Have you ever thought about going to Europe?” It was 1953, and the two women were working at WNBC in New York City. Their life was glamorous. Rusty and Kit rubbed elbows with TV and radio stars and enjoyed a vibrant social and cultural scene. But when Rusty hit the glass ceiling, both she and Kit were ready and eager to experience the world beyond New York.

So, three years before Frommer’s groundbreaking travel guide, Rusty and Kit set sail on the Queen Mary, bought a car in Paris, and toured Europe on “5 dollars a day.”

Paris, London, Munich, Zurich, Rome. As they traveled throughout Europe, visiting 14 countries and staying overnight in 42 cities in just three months, Kit and Rusty wrote letters home. They wrote about the men. They wrote about the food. They wrote about the sights. They wrote about their many adventures and the constant reminders of a recent world war.

This is the story of their journey, composed from their letters, postcards, mementos, and photographs, offering a glimpse into the lives of two young women and the 1954 world in which they traveled.

Published by Bootjack Press. Available now at the Concord Bookshop in Concord, Mass., and on!


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