Two friends and two generations share a story. In 1954, Kit and Rusty traveled to Europe and wrote letters home. In 2010, their daughters, Nancy and Tara, began collaborating on a book. With over 50 letters and postcards, The Tucker Tyler Adventure is the story of Kit and Rusty’s journey, composed from their letters and postcards.



Nancy Cowan

Nancy lives with her family (Nathan, Katherine, Samantha, and Spencer) in Carlisle, Massachusetts. She has traveled to many of the same places her mother did, but does not think she would ever be brave enough to share her journals with her daughters.

Tara Taft

Tara inherited her mother’s sense of adventure and wanderlust. She loves sharing her travel stories on her blog: For unpublished stories and background information on the book, read Tara’s posts on this website’s blog. When she’s not traveling, Tara lives with her family (Sandy, Tommy, Erica, and Tilly) in Stow, Massachusetts.



Katherine Tucker Cowan

Katherine (Kit) spends the warm months with her husband, Ross, at their home on Martha’s Vineyard, where they enjoy gardening, sailing, and golf. They also have an apartment in Boston’s Back Bay where they take in the symphony, visit museums, and spend time with their grandchildren.

Marialyce Tyler Dorward

Marialyce (Rusty) loved the theater, to entertain, to cook, and to travel. Born in North Dakota and raised in South Dakota, she lived in Chicago, New York, and finally San Francisco where she spent the last 56 years of her life. She passed away in May 2012 in San Rafael, California, and is buried at Scotty Phillips Cemetery in Fort Pierre, South Dakota.


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