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What Rusty and Kit Ate in Denmark?

As Kit and Rusty traveled through Scandinavia in October 1954, only the food in Denmark appeared worth writing home about. They were so stunned by the dramatic scenery, their letters focused on the sights. About Denmark, however, Rusty wrote:

Then we had smørrebrød (ø in Danish is pronounced something like “or”) which Denmark is famous for. It means sandwich, and some cafes in Copenhagen had 179 (and more) varieties!! They are all open-faced – and the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted! Americans, I’ve decided, are very foolish to put a slice of bread on top – it kills the flavor of the filling!

They had sandwiches of roast beef and onions on dark bread with fried egg on top; ham on rye with vegetable mayonnaise salad and cucumber slicse; dark bread with curry mayonnaise and oodles of mushrooms.

Here’s a postcard Rusty wrote to her mother in South Dakota:

Denmark Hotel Leidersdorff (1)

Leidersdorff postcard


From The Tucker ~ Tyler Adventure by Katherine Tucker and Marialyce Tyler with Nancy Cowan and Tara Taft.



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What Did It Cost to Travel in Scandinavia in 1954?

Rusty and Kit didn’t record much about the prices of lodging or food in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, or Denmark. We do know that a night at the Hebron Mission Hotel in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, cost each of them 75 cents. Breakfast for two (two glasses of milk plus two buns) set them back 9 cents total.

Imagine how expensive it must have seemed to have to pay $32.50 each to cross the North Sea on board the SS Leda or to pay $16.50 for a Norwegian ski sweater, $2.50 for a pair of gloves, and $1.50 for socks?

Here’s a postcard Rusty sent her mother from Copenhagen:


10.1.54 Copenhagen

Read more about the travels of Rusty and Kit in The Tucker – Tyler Adventure.

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